The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre (CFDC), previously Morden and District Museum, currently houses the largest collection of marine vertebrates in Canada. The galleries provide a great interpretation of life in the Western Interior Seaway from the late Cretaceous period of earth’s prehistory.

Since the late 1930’s fossils have been discovered in the Morden and Miami areas of southern Manitoba where quarrying was being carried out by Pembina Mountain Clays Inc to mine the mineral bentonite; which is a form of clay used in many applications for the manufacture of everyday products. These fossils had been merely curiosities and until the 1970’s no concerted efforts had been made to collect and study them.

In 1969 a committee was formed and began the organization of the Morden and District Museum. The museum was originally located on the second floor of the old Art Gallery building in downtown Morden. The theme of the museum was initially historical. The committee canvassed the townspeople of Morden for pioneer artefacts to acquire as part of the museum collection.

The museum has all kinds of tours, day camps, even participation in dig sites.