Your 2020 Healthy Living Destination

Healthy Living Destination: Morden/Winkler

Families and friends have gathered together and feasted over the holidays, and shall we be honest? It shows. It’s the time of year to tame our beasts, and around the first of January, we often turn to New Year’s Resolutions. If your resolution revolves around exploration or exhibiting self-control, you’re in good company. The top resolutions have for 2020 include exercising more, losing weight, learning a new skill, and traveling more. So, where to combine these resolutions? Think Morden-Winkler. The area is filled with healthy lifestyle options, so you can get your travel fix without sacrificing your new resolutions. Thinking 2020 healthy living destinations? Think Morden-Winkler.

Healthy Eating: Food in Morden-Winkler

In Morden-Winkler, locally grown and homemade foods reign. The area is home to a plethora of farms, and farmers grow everything from corn ( to strawberries, to beets and potatoes, to livestock. This translates into fresh, seasonal produce as well as canned products that can sustain you and your healthy eating habits all winter long.

Try the Olive Tree in Morden for a variety of snack and lunch options, including pescatarian and vegetarian dishes. That Burrito Place in downtown Winkler offers loads of made-to-order fresh options, which can cater to keto and paleo diets, as well as vegetarian or vegan.

During the summer, be sure to check out the Morden Farmers Market for fresh vegetables, fruits, and baked goods. This winter, Kolos European Groceries in Winkler and Morden offer freshly baked bread and canned goods that reflect all seasons. Spenst Brothers Premium Meats is also a local favourite, known for their farm-raised meats and homemade pizza (if you’re going to cheat, cheat well).

Exercise and Activity in Morden-Winkler

Even on the bitterest of winter days, there are endless ways to work up a sweat in Morden-Winkler. If you haven’t visited the prairies before, there is one exercise advantage that is often overlooked: almost every gravel road in Morden-Winkler is divided into 1-mile sections. If you are a runner, pick any gravel road, and go. Yes, even in January! The sound of crunching gravel and the feeling of clean, sharp air feel like gifts if you keep with it, and it’s easy to track your progress.

If your preferences for exercise revolve around the great INDOORS however, the area has lots of options. Become Yoga in Winkler offers a variety of yoga and meditation classes to foster power, strength, stability, and tranquility. They offer drop-in passes for newcomers or travelers. CrossFit Morden allows drop-ins for anyone who has previous Crossfit experience. If you’re local, they have great beginner sessions to get you started. If you prefer equipment and variety, Devloo’s Gym in Morden or Core Fitness in Winkler offer everything from weight-lifting equipment to cardio machines to classes. Core Fitness also has a women’s only section.

Healthy Living: The Great Outdoors in Morden-Winkler

Summer or winter, resolution or not, spending time in the Great Outdoors is medicine for the mind and body. In the winter, snowy owls fly by on strong wings, their bodies blending in with the icy landscape. The crunch of snow and steamy breath-projections ground you to the Earth. If you’re spending time in Morden-Winkler this weekend, do what the locals do and enjoy those things by getting outside. Try cross-country skiing in Burwalde Woods in Morden ( Go ice fishing on Lake Minnewasta, or try snowshoeing around the Lake Minnewasta Trail. This spring, summer, or fall, get out and hike The Great Trail. Take a spin on a mountain bike or rent a paddleboard. The opportunities for enjoying the Great Outdoors exist everywhere in Morden -Winkler and appeal to feet, wheels, and fins.

Watching the sun rise and fall across the landscape in Morden-Winkler, whether the horizon is blanketed in snow or waving wheat, will help keep you on track for 2020. Take advantage of our fresh food, our exercise opportunities, or the Great Outdoors that surrounds us. We are your healthy living 2020 destination.