The Great Christmas Tree Harvest

The air has turned crisp and clean. Snow has fallen, and it covers the landscape, rolling over hills, cascading down tree branches, stretching far into the prairie distance. Come February, we may tire of seeing the endless white expanse, but today it feels festive. Lights are hung across store-fronts, carol-lyrics are practiced in church basements, gifts are purchased and wrapped. Christmas is right around the corner, and while all of the above is on our to-do list, there’s another Winkler-Morden classic worth visiting us for. One of our favorite Christmas traditions? The Great Christmas Tree Harvest!

Trees in Their Winter Glory

Your Great Christmas Tree Harvest

“This one?”

No, I don’t think so… There’s a hole on the left side.

“How about this one?”

Nice but… Not symmetrical enough.

“What about this one?”

No… Too Green


“Okay… This one has to be it!”


When you walk the rows of White Spruces at Mount Nebo Trees, your whole family will become an expert at picking out the perfect tree for your home. Height is examined, fatness, and bushiness of branches. Some trees are perfect for quaint living rooms, others for towering barn lofts. Whatever your style, Nebo’s has you covered. There are rows of spruces in all stages of growth, so any height is available. And don’t worry, for every tree cut, several are planted!

Once you’ve walked the spruce-forest and found the perfect tree, borrow a saw (Nebo’s provides them) and chop, chop, chop! Drag your newly found tree to any of the walkways, and the staff will pick them up and bring them back to the barn for shaking and netting. While you wait, warm up by a well-stocked fire, sip hot chocolate, and nibble cookies, all of which Nebo’s provides.

The Great Christmas Tree harvst

What, Where, and When

To cut your own Christmas Tree, head to Mount Nebo’s Christmas Tree Farm. They are open on Saturdays and Sundays through Christmas. To reach them from the South, head North from Morden on Highway 432 for 7 miles. Then take Road 20 North west for 6.5 miles.

For More directions, check out their facebook page:

For those who prefer couches to crunching snow, fear not. you can also pick up your own tree from a variety of vendors in Morden-Winkler.

A Festive Day in Morden-Winkler

There is something invigorating about it all: resisting the urge to stay inside, the crunching of snow under heavy boots, the resistance of saw against tree-trunk. So often during this season we hide from the elements rather than embracing them. Takeing the trip to Nebo’s to harvest your own tree connects you to the community (it’s hard to avoid bonding while huddling around a fire!), to local business, and to nature. Start a new tradition with your family this year, and what #explorewhatwerefamousfor as you do it.

While you’re in town, check out the many December events hosted in Morden-Winkler, and check a few more winter to-do items off of your list!