Keeping Kids Occupied: Winter 2020

Keeping Kids Occupied in Winter: A Full-Time Job

Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents: We hear you. December, January, and February often pass in a haze. Children are cooped up, the scorchingly cold temperatures herd them inside. There are more dishes, toys, and clothing piled around rooms. The ever-common “We’re bored…” comment is heard often and is typically accompanied by sleeve tugging or puppy-dog eyes begging for attention. Rooms feel stuffy and weighed down with dust and sluggishness. Thankfully, there’s a solution. Morden-Winkle is one of the best places to keep kids occupied, especially during the winter. Many local businesses are built around kids and their needs. Read on for a few of our favourites.

Keeping Kids Occupied: Valley Bowl Entertainment Center


Any Age: Children to Adult

It’s open! After months of construction, Valley Bowl is open and offers activities for children and adults. The layout is spacious, airy, comfortable, and clean. Brick walls and purple neon lights cast a retro glow around the room, music pumps from speakers, and big-screen TVs broadcast the games of the day.

There’s bowling, of course. The new space offers six full-length lanes with modern, comfortable group-seating. However, Valley Bowl also offers mini-golf, virtual golf, and a play zone for young kids. They currently serve some food (Spenst pizzas are the local favourite!), but there are plans to expand with a larger menu. There’s also a full bar for adults, so you can relax and watch a game while the kids play. For an all-day, all-family establishment, Valley Bowl takes the cake!

Check out their offerings and pricing here:


Keeping Kids Occupied: Sharptooth Adventures


Age: Under 12

Parents with young kids: this may be your new haven! Sharptooth Adventures is an indoor, dinosaur-themed play center geared towards children 12 and under. They offer a bouncy castle, climbing wall, and a variety of jungle-gym style attractions that are sure to entertain.

More than just a playcenter, Sharptooth has rooted itself in the community by partnering with the City of Morden and local businesses to create seasonal offerings which foster personal and communal growth. There are summer day camps throughout the warmer months with themes like “Survival and Exploration,” and “When I Grow Up,” which mix playtime with crafts and learning. This winter, parents can take advantage of “Dino Drop and Play.” During which, you can safely leave ‘your little dinosaur’ in the facility under supverision for 1-3 hours at a time.

For anyone visiting the area who wants to have dinner or take advantage of the area without little ones in tow, Sharptooth Adventures is your answer! For locals, take advantage of membership or multi-use discounts.

See Sharptooth’s schedule and pricing here:


Keeping Kids Occupied: Elevaro Escape Rooms


Age: 8-80

Where better to combine team-building and problem solving skills than in an escape room? Mixed groups, ages 8-80 (and above) will thrive here. A bonus? You can exercise teenage brains outside of the technological realm.

If you’ve never participated in an Escape Room before, fear not. There are several different rooms at Elevaro, and they are made to suit every level of experience. Even better, the rooms rotate constantly. If you participated last month, you’ll find new offerings this month. Each room is hand-crafted by the staff, and they are created based on community suggestions. This month, Lion’s Stone is an excellent beginner room, suited to age 10 and above. They also have an expert level room (called Checkmate), and a duel-room for 2 groups to compete against each other in.

Take an hour this winter, and think outside the box. Young ones, teenagers, and adults can participate, and you can expect friendly banter along the way!

For more information, find them here: