Winter Spectacular: Your Photo Guide

The air has this weight to it; step one foot outside and you’ll feel it. It settles in around your skin, snakes it’s way into your nostrils, steals the breath from your chest. It stares at you, big and bright and unrelenting, like an old friend you weren’t sure you wanted to see today, but is there nonetheless, thumping you on the back and laughing too hard. Stay outside with her too long and your cheeks will burn, your fingers fumble.

Love her like the old friend she is, or wish her away northward, she is the only friend you can take these amazing photos with. The ones made famous by The Weather Network, by Instagram, by Facebook. Hot water turned vapor, turned snow, turned ice, made spectacular by the frigid January cold snap common in this part of Manitoba. To take them yourself, read on.

To Begin…

You will need:

  1. Boiling Water
  2. A variety of thermoses/containers to fill with said boiling water
  3. A below -25 C day (but the colder, the better!).
  4. A scene. While, yes, you can do this in your back yard, I recommend Lake Minnewasta or an empty wheat field during sunrise or sunset. A clear, bluebird day is also perfect for ensuring your camera catches every detail!
  5. A camera… Or, let’s be honest, any good phone will do.
  6. A friend! One person to throw the water, another to document.

Get Out There!

Find your location, sit in the heated car, prepare yourself. Rub your hands together, find the latches on your thermoses. When you’re ready, run out into the freezing. You can use one thermos, throwing the water in an arc behind you, or use two, one in each hand, to create a wing-like effect. Aim the opening of your containers away from you, and throw the boiling water (with gusto!) into the air.

Snap, Snap, Snap!

     Have your friend take photos in quick succession to catch the water-turned-vapor at various points throughout the process. The results are beautiful, unique photographs that you simply can’t take anywhere else!

Manitoba Sunset. Photo by Ron Dicksen

Winter in Morden-Winkler, 2019

Love or loathe her, she’s here to stay. That windswept wintery friend dyed white with frost will stand outside our doors for the next month or so, ready to take our breath away with hugs a little too tight. I’ve heard there are places with milder winters, but our home is rich with extremes. You can’t take these beautiful pictures without the frigidity of winter’s embrace. Come visit us and #explorewhatwerefamousfor
You may lose your breath, but you’ll make a new friend, and you’ll have the pictures to prove it.

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