"Other Brother Roasters is the third generation in a family that has been roasting since the mid 1900s. Grandpa Reimer roasted peanuts and sunflower seeds who then passed on the business to his son-in-law who also roasts almonds, flax seed, peanut kernels and much more. In 2011, after having been exposed to how good a quality cup of coffee can taste, but realizing that the nearest quality roaster was several hundred to a thousand miles away, Other Brother Roasters was born. At Other Brother Roasters we are people who care about people - from those who grow the coffee to those who drink the coffee. We want our coffee to be the one you share with the people in your life. We are continually striving to bring you the best cup of coffee as a good cup of coffee is a continual journey."

"The R.M. of Stanley has a unique diverse landscape for the prairies. The Pembina hills and escarpment to the west provide native woodlands and scenic views. Below the escarpment, the land is fairly flat and historically treeless. Shelterbelts have changed the landscape of the region and contribute to the scenic beauty. Shelterbelts have been planted in response to the effects of dry weather conditions and soil erosion by wind. They were first planted in the late 1870’s by settlers in the villages and homesteads. Field shelterbelt planting was widely promoted after the devastating drought and windstorms of the 1930’s. Throughout the years, shelterbelt planting has been promoted by federal and provincial government programs as a response to alleviate soil erosion. There are over 500 miles of shelterbelts planted in the R.M. of Stanley. The trees provide scenic beauty and contribute to the health of the rural and agricultural landscape. Shelterbelts provide both agricultural and non-agricultural benefits. Agricultural benefits include increased crop yields, improved crop quality, and improved soil fertility. Non-agricultural benefits include reduced wind and blowing snow, increased species diversity, a sense of community identity and well-being, and adding beauty to the landscape."

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