Rural Villages in the RM of Stanley

If a road trip with no particular destination is one of your favourite things, the Rural Municipality of Stanley fits the bill marvellously. Within its parameters, you will find, depending on the season, fields of corn “as high as an elephant’s eye” or wanting to be; waving fields of grain, perhaps green, perhaps golden and ripening in the summer sun; yellow fields of canola that stretch to meet the horizon; and roads that will take you up hills and down into valleys, over bridges, past vistas that take your breath away. So… go ahead. Pack up a picnic lunch, grab a couple of water bottles, stop at your favourite coffee place and get some joe-to-go, and head out. Take that gravel road that leads to who-knows-where, and the next one and the next, and see countryside you didn’t even know existed. It’s right there… in the Rural Municipality of Stanley.

And if you’re wanting a destination, Stanley Park is calling your name. This picturesque park, nestled in the southwest of the municipality from which it got its name, is carved out of a huge stand of trees, with a (sometimes wannabe) creek flowing through part of it. It has numerous play areas waiting for your youngsters to explore, hiking trails, park shelters, restrooms, a baseball diamond, and lots of shade where you can sit and enjoy each other’s company while keeping an eye on the kids.

The Rural Municipality of Stanley encompasses not only the major centres of Morden and Winkler but also many vibrant villages.  These villages have long and rich histories which blend with more recent community development attracting families and businesses.  The resulting positive energy translates into a dynamic that adds vibrancy to the region.  These idyllic settings are showcased by way of beautiful yards and gardens that demonstrate pride of place.

The Villages 

Reinland, Blumenfeld, Hochfeld, Friedensfeld, Neuenberg, Chorititz… names that sound as if they came from another world. And they did… the world from which their first residents came. These villages, and many more in the municipality, were formed in the late 19th century by Mennonite immigrants who left Russia because they feared the government was reneging on promises made to them when they were invited to settle the plains of Russia by Catherine the Great. It was here in Southern Manitoba, in what became the Rural Municipality of Stanley, that they found a new homeland in which to live, raise their families and practice their faith free from persecution.  Today the villages in the area are growing into vibrant neighbourhoods desireable for young families and new business starts.