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Morden Corn & Apple Festival

In 1925 Morden, Manitoba was designated as the Corn and Apple Belt. The long, warm growing season made this area of the prairies unique for the growing of corn and apple crops.

The first Morden Corn and Apple Festival was held in 1967 to commemorate Canada’s Centennial celebrations. It is appropriate that the festival is held in the “heart” of the community, an indication of the warmth and hospitality offered to visitors year after year. Visitors count on the cheerful hospitality, good food, wholesome entertainment and relaxing atmosphere which have been the ingredients in its image of friendliness developed during its history. The Morden Corn and Apple Festival is a family event and has a reputation for catering to all age groups with a variety of events to guarantee the enjoyment of all.

The most important aspect of the festival is the volunteer spirit, which has fueled the organization from its inception. Fund-raising events and grants from the City of Morden, along with other sources, assist in maintaining “FREE” as the key phrase in festival advertising. Free corn on the cob, and apple juice have been the chief attractions, along with free stage entertainment, the children’s events, the parade, shuttle bus service and parking.

The fourth weekend of August is the established date for the Morden Corn and Apple Festival which is Morden’s main attraction and the one event which typifies the volunteer spirit which pervades the community.