Cycling in the RM of Stanley

The Rural Municipality of Stanley is a destination for cycling enthusiasts of all ages and abilities.  In 2001 the Trans Canada Trail, now named the Great Trail was routed through the RM of Stanley along the scenic Pembina Escarpment.  This trail takes advantage of undulating gravel and dirt roads, connecting unsurpassed single-track biking and walking trail through oak forests and prairie fields.  Other trails such as the Minnewasta Lake Trail connect to the Great Trail providing fun and challenge to both novice and accomplished cyclists.  

These trails host annual events such as the Back 40 Bike Race and the Head for the Hills ride for mental health, attracting hundreds of riders from all over.  Local volunteers ensure the trails are kept safe and groomed.  The Pembina Valley Provincial Park southwest of Morden has established hiking and biking trails with amazing lookout views of the Pembina River Valley.  In addition to the trails, country roads winding through the Pembina Hills provide scenic views of rich farm fields, creeks and oak and poplar woods.