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Your Fall Colour Tour

         Your Fall Colour Tour

In Morden-Winkler, nature marks the passage of time with a paintbrush. In winter, her palate is bright white with hints of lavender and blue. In spring, she uses the browns of mud or of branches tipped pink, like little declarations of what is to come. In summer, she uses greens and golds and blues to colour the landscape and sky, which stretch into each other with a lazy, swollen yawn.

In Fall though, nature paints the full spectrum. Blasts of bright red splatter across maples before they lose their leaves. The conifers remain green, darkening from a mossy colour to one more like wet seaweed. Yellow bursts as bright as the sun, oranges as vivid as fire, and browns like baked Earth all scatter between one another across oaks and maples and birch, which weave braidlike across the skyline. This is the beauty of Fall; the summation of the nutrients of all seasons rise up in symphony before dropping to Earth, scrubbing the canvas clean, and beginning again.

For the Best Views…

When you take your fall colour tour through Winkler-Morden, you must take a walk through the abstract painting of the season. Bike the 16-kilometer path around Lake Minnewasta and wind your way along the lake, which has cooled from swimmable to shiver-inducing. Hike the Great Trail and spend hours passing over creeks and pastures and through the brightly dressed forest. Better still, explore the Pembina Valley at its most exuberant Fall character. The abundance of trails in the valley gives you a variety of explorable territory to satisfy you throughout the season.

Fall in Morden-Winkler

We forget how beautiful the seasons are when we live amongst them. But take a step back, or, if you’re visiting, a step inside, and you will become enamored by the seasons. Our region is ever-changing and reflective of nature’s best. We experience the growth of spring, the swell of summer fertility, a bountiful harvest, a playful fall, and a frozen hibernation of winter. All of the seasons have their own beauty, but fall, with it’s changing leaves, crispness of air, and crunching of frosty ground make Winkler-Morden shine. Come experience it for yourself.

Plan Your Fall Colour Tour…

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