It’s On! EMW Pizza Week 2021

Bbq Sauce. Chocolate Ganache. Beer Cheese. Chicken Tenders. Sliced Pickles. Thin-Sliced Radishes. Corn Kernels. Alfredo Sauce. What do these foods have in common, you ask?

We’ll give you a hint. They go on baked, flaky crust. The finished products are “feed-your-whole-family,” friendly. Some (interesting) characters prefer the finished product cold. They are being used to support local businesses by satisfying residents all week beginning Monday, January 25, 2021.

The answer, of course, is Pizza!

EMW Pizza Week, running next Monday, January 25th-Friday the 30th, is the winter successor of the mouth-watering, smashing success of Fall 2020 Burger Week in Morden-Winkler. Pizza Week will showcase local restaurants that have put their chefs to the test, coming up with their version of the most intriguing, best-tasting slices of ‘za to rally the community in support of food, small business, and creativity.

Boston Pizza's The Morden Pacific pizza

Who’s Participating in EMW Pizza Week?

20 local restaurants between Winkler and Morden.

Flavors of Mexico is serving up trendy Beef Birria as a topping. Kings Deli has wood-fired, South American influenced pie. Boston Pizza is offering a tour of Japan across their dough. Legends Bakery is serving up dessert with their red-velvet cake inspired pizza (think chocolate and raspberries!).

To see a full list of the contenders (and a picture and description of their pizza!), check out our Pizza Week Page:

Flavours of Mexico

Get Involved In EMW Pizza Week

The best way to get involved in Pizza Week is through your stomach! Call any one of the participating restaurants and place your order for pickup.  Try as many as your stomach allows, and vote for your favorite by scanning QR codes like this one:

We will announce the winner over the weekend crown them the 2021 EMW Pizza King! …Giving them bragging rights for years to come.

Is this about pizza? Certainly! But it is also about supporting small and local businesses that have been serving us well for decades. We are thankful for their employees, their food, and the gumption that got them through the last several months.

King Pinz Pulled Peppa Pizza

A Long Winter

There is no doubt that this has been a year of difference. Many families are missing their loved ones. Businesses are missing their guests. Neighbors are missing the casual chat on the sidewalk. We are all missing more toothy smiles.

We are thankful to have a community that, despite it all, continues to rally around comradery, food, and each other, even if from afar.

So, let’s dig in, lay down our “pineapple on pizza?!” argument, and rally around the taste test that is EMW Pizza Week 2021!

Get eating, all!

Pizza Hut Winkler Chicken Bonanza Pizza

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