Sweet Corn Season

What is your favourite season? Ask this question to a Morden-Winkler resident, and rather than receive the typical ‘winter, spring, summer or fall,’ answer, you will instead get a resounding “sweet corn season.”

Sweet Corn Season

It truly is the best time of the year. The sky is blue, the clouds are popcorn, the smell is of the harvest: damp greens, sugar, earth. The colors of summer are their brightest primary shades, and the mornings carry just a hint of the coming fall.

The height of this delightful and delicious “season” is only 2 weeks long and comes after a 60-100-day growth period, during which Morden residents wait with bated breath. Morden Sweet Corn is not the same as other varieties grown in the area for ethanol or animal feed. It is canary yellow in color, sugary sweet in flavor, soft and smooth in texture. It is a show of pride from the community and a gift to all those who come from miles around to taste it.

Hunting for Gold

So where do you get these literal nuggets of gold? On August 24th you can actually get them for free! Thousands of people flock in from neighboring provinces and northern Manitoba communities to attend the Corn and Apple Festival in downtown Morden. Free Morden Sweet Corn is passed out, as well as locally made apple cider! If you don’t arrive in time for the free goods, local farms set up stands throughout the festival and downtown, selling thousands of bags throughout the weekend.

More than just the amazing sweet corn, you’ll find a plethora of food trucks, children’s games, carnival rides, and live music. It just may be the most festive weekend of the summer (and the best-tasting one as well!).

Tasting Morden Sweet Corn tops the list of ways to #explorewhatwerefamousfor. Whether you come over the weekend to join in the festivities or just pass through to pick up a bag, all of those who sit around your table will thank you.

The best way to enjoy it? Boiled or grilled, slathered in butter, and in the mood to smile and let the juice run down your arms.

Find Us

It’s on this weekend! Get your hands on Morden Sweet Corn at the Corn and Apple Festival! Follow the link to find out more!